Montevallo City Council

Work Session Minutes

November 28, 2005

6:00 p.m. at City Hall


Attendees:  Sharon Anderson, Dana Byrd, Hollie Cost, Willie Goldsmith, and Greg Pendleton.


The Agenda for the November 28, 2005 Council Meeting was reviewed and discussed.


Council Member Becky Cox arrived at 6:50 p.m.


Montevallo City Council Meeting


November 28, 2005

7:00 p.m. at City Hall


Attendees:  Sharon Anderson, Dana Byrd, Hollie Cost, Becky Cox, Willie Goldsmith, and Greg Pendleton.


The minutes from the November 14, 2005 Council Meeting were approved as written.  The minutes from the November 16, 2005 Special Council Meeting were approved as written.


Opportunities for Citizens to Address the Council


Susan Wilder White asked for an update on the Council’s plan for growth.  Mayor Anderson informed her that the Council had met with all of the City’s Department Heads.  Meetings are scheduled with the City’s Board Chairmen for December 7th and 8th.  Mayor Anderson, Catherine Legg, and Carey Thompson had met with Todd McDonald and Ray Hamilton with the Shelby County Development Dept.  Mayor Anderson will schedule public meetings with these individuals very soon.


Libby Rodgers invited everyone to the next meeting of the “Citizens for Montevallo” which will be held on November 29, 2005 at 7:00 p.m. at University Baptist Church.  She mentioned that there will also be a meeting on December 5 at University Baptist Church.  There will be a representative from the Cahaba River Society there as guest speaker.


New Business


Council Member Goldsmith made a motion to cancel the December 26, 2005 Council Meeting due to the holidays.  Council Member Cox seconded.  All Ayes Motioned Passed.


Mayor Anderson reminded the Board Chairmen of work sessions that have been scheduled on December 7th and 8th to discuss growth.


Steve Sears reported that there was still a problem with the duplicate street name in Hidden Forest subdivision.  Catherine Legg informed him that according to Laurie Sharp the problem should be cleared up by Wednesday November 30, 2005.


Old Business


Council Member Pendleton made a motion to approve the Municipal Workers Compensation Fund, Inc. 2006 Statement of Commitment.  Council Member Goldsmith seconded.  All Ayes.  Motion Passed.


Steve Sears informed the council that he had received an e-mail from University Attorney Carl Johnson that a draft of the “Lease” Agreement had been sent to Dr. McChesney for review in regard to the proposed hiking trail across University property. 


Council Member Goldsmith asked that the City Vehicle Policy be reviewed by the Police Department before any action be taken. 


Council Member Cost asked for a meeting of the Quarry Ad Hoc Committee on December 6, 2005 at 12:30 p.m. 


Ben McCrory informed the council that the Historical Commission had not met since the last council meeting and at its next meeting he would ask John Crawford if he would like to remain on the board.


Council Member seconded the motion made by Council Member Byrd at the November 14, 2005 Council Meeting reappointing Jane Clayton to the Library Board.  All Ayes.  Motion Passed.


Council Member Byrd recommended that we not nominate anyone for the two newly created Library Board positions until the Library Board has a chance to meet and make recommendations.


Committee Reports and Consideration of Bills


Public Safety Director Tom Smitherman informed the council that the internal investigation was ongoing and was proceeding at an expected pace.  They are almost complete with the inventory of property and evidence. 


Fire Chief Bill Reid expects the new fire truck to be in Talladega within two weeks.  He informed the council that he has offered to help the Calera Fire Department man their stations this week in wake of the loss of one of their firemen.  


Council Member Cox stated that a speed limit sign has been requested for the entrance to Cobblestone Apartments.  Steve Sears informed the council that the entrance street has not been dedicated and was private property and that the Apartments would be responsible for the sign.


Council Member Byrd announced that there is to be a meeting of the Beautification Board on November 29 at 5:00 p.m. to discuss the growth issues.  She also mentioned that the High School’s FFA had completed their annual holiday fruit sale.


Council Member Cost announced that the dedication of Dailey Park was held on November 26, 2005 and was a success.  There were approximately seventy people who attended.  She also mentioned that Rose DeVinner had been hired as the manager of the Senior Center.


Council Member Pendleton suggested that barriers be placed on the fence along the north side of the park.  It was suggested that the Police Department review for safety reasons.


Council Member Pendleton suggested that we talk with John Abercrombie about Business License Fees.  He also made a motion to pay bills as presented.  Council Member Goldsmith seconded.  All Ayes.  Motion Passed.


Council Member Pendleton asked Steve Sears if the Presbyterian Church had agreed to the proposal on the “Old” Library Building.  Mr. Sears informed the council that the Church’s attorney had sent him a proposal for a Quit Claim Deed and that he was awaiting additional paperwork from the attorney.


Other Business


City Clerk Carey Thompson read a letter from Mayor Anderson addressed to Spencer Bachus along with a note on the letter written by Spencer Bachus.  There was also a note read from Jason Reese informing the City that they had been awarded an appropriation of $100,000 for downtown revitalization.  Mayor Anderson stated that a committee would be formed to determine the best use of the funds.


Ben McCrory announced that Christmas by the Creek starts on December 8th


Council Member Byrd made a motion to adjourn at 7:34 p.m.  Council Member Cox seconded.




Sharon Anderson, Mayor




Carey Thompson, City Clerk