Montevallo City Council Meeting Minutes

December 12, 2005

7:00 p.m. at City Hall


Attendees:  Greg Pendleton, Hollie Cost, Dana Byrd, Sharon Anderson, Becky Cox, Willie Goldsmith.


The minutes from the November 28, 2005 Council Meeting were approved with the following corrections.  Council Member Goldsmith advised to change the wording on page 3 to include “visual barriers,” instead of barriers.  Council Member Pendleton advised that there was an omission from the minutes.  The council gave City Clerk Carey Thompson authority to pay bills

since the December 26, 2005 meeting had been cancelled. 


Opportunities for Citizens to Address the Council


Kenny Dukes thanked the city for their work on Motley Avenue.  He asked for further help in

having the brush cleared along the track to improve visibility.


Tom Smitherman spoke with Tom Cole with the county regarding the right of way on Motley Avenue.  He is also working with the Rail Road. 


Dee Woodham presented 392 petitions to the city requesting the moratorium be extended.  She requested that the petitions be part of the minutes and become permanent records.


Don Hughes asked if the moratorium would expire prior to the next council meeting.  Sharon Anderson asked that City Clerk, Carey Thompson, read the resolution.  Once read she announced that the moratorium would expire before the next council meeting.


Barry Woodham asked that since the plan was not completed would the council extend the moratorium?


Don Hughes questioned whether zoning changes came before the city council.  Sharon Anderson responded that zoning change requests do come before the city council for approval.


New Business


Acting Public Safety Director Tom Smitherman read the attached resignation letter from Steve Southerland.  Council Member Goldsmith made a motion to accept the resignation letter.  Council Member Cost seconded.  All Ayes Motion Passed.


City Clerk, Carey Thompson, informed the council that the city had received exercise equipment.  The equipment was donated from The Cathedral of the Cross Voice of Praise Church.  A committee was appointed by Mayor Anderson to determine the best use of the equipment.  The committee consists of Hollie Cost, Kirk Hamby, Steve Holt, Mark Allred, and Chris Nix.  She asked Carey Thompson to attend their meetings and record minutes and assist the committee.  She asked that the committee try to meet before the holiday. 


Sharon Anderson informed the council of the consideration of the American Community Survey.  This survey will replace the current census by year 2010.  For small communities such as ours the change would not take place until at least 2010.  This was for informational purposes only and no decision was required.


Old Business      


City Clerk Carey Thompson gave an update from the work sessions with the various board members, see attached.


Council Member Cox asked that we compile the information that we have received and hold public meetings.


Council Member Pendleton commented that the Water & Sewer Board has filed the necessary paperwork asking for permits to increase capacity.


Water & Sewer Chairman Claude Elledge informed the council that he had no further update and that there was a delegation going to Washington DC in February.


Doug Rogers asked the purpose of the trip. 


Mr. Elledge informed him that the purpose was to seek funding to upgrade our current facilities.


Council Member Cox made a motion to continue the moratorium on growth for an additional 120 days.  Council Member Cost seconded.  There was further discussion before the vote. 


Council Member Cost commended City Hall for their work on developing the plan.  She also mentioned the need to have professional assistance.


Barry Woodham asked if there would be citizen involvement.


Kathy McEntee asked if the plan had been completed.


David Morgan complemented the Water & Sewer Board for their work on resolving the capacity issues.  He mentioned that there were other areas of concern such as schools and traffic.


The council voted on the motion.

Councilmember Byrd- Nay       Councilmember Goldsmith- Nay

Councilmember Cost- Aye       Councilmember Pendleton- Aye

Councilmember Cox- Aye        Mayor Anderson- Nay

 Motion failed to pass.


City Clerk, Carey Thompson, informed the council that there was no update on the the Hiking Trail. 


Council Member Goldsmith asked to allow Public Safety to review the vehicle policy before the council vote.


Council Member Cost informed the council that there had been an initial meeting of the Quarry Ad Hoc Committee.  There will be another meeting on January 10, 2006 at 12:30 at City Hall.


There was no update on the board appointment for the Historical Commission.


The Library Board asked to wait until January 2006 before making a recommendation.


Council Member Byrd made a motion re-appointing Pat Kelly to the American Village Board.


The Planning & Zoning Board will meet on December 15 and would like to discuss a recommendation.


Jane McClanahan has resigned from the Arbor and Beautification Board.  Council Member Byrd announced that the Board would like for the council to suspend the rules and nominate Kathy Weese.  Council Member Cost seconded the motion for the nomination.  Council Member Pendleton made a motion to suspend the rules.  Council Member Cox seconded the motion.  All Ayes motion to suspend the rules passes.  All ayes motion to appoint Kathy Weese to the Arbor and Beautification Board passes. 


Committee Reports    


Fire Chief Bill Reid announced that the new fire truck should be in Talladega by the end of the week.  The new striping will be applied at that time.  He also announced that Billy Gibbs had been named Fireman of the Year at their annual Christmas Party.


Public Safety Director Tom Smitherman informed the council of the Inmate Hospital Care agreement with Baptist Shelby.  Since there had been no previous written contract the council asked to review the agreement before making any decisions


Council Member Goldsmith made a motion to accept the resolution regarding the Police Chief, copy attached.  Council Member Pendleton seconded the motion.  All Ayes Motion Passed.


Council Member Goldsmith made a motion to repeal the Safe Streets Act of 1995.  Council Member Byrd seconded the motion.  Council Member Pendleton made a motion that the rules be suspended.  Council Member Cox seconded the motion.  All Ayes Motion to suspend the rules passed.  There was a roll call vote to rescind the Safe Streets Act, which was unanimous.  Council Members Pendleton, Cost, Byrd, Anderson, Cox, and Goldsmith each voted yes.  All Ayes the Motion Passed. 


Mayor Sharon Anderson announced the members of the committee to hire the new Police Chief.  The members are Tom Smitherman, Chair, Willie Goldsmith, Johnny McClain, Dana Byrd, and Chris Corbell.


Raymond Cardwell informed the council that the bills for the Street, Sanitation, and Cemetery were correct and in good order.


Council Member Byrd informed the council that the Elementary School Choir had their annual Christmas Concert and that it was a success.  She also announced that the Arbor and Beautification Board would meet during the first two weeks of January regarding planning for Arbor Day in February.


Council Member Cox asked if the Arbor and Beautification would be interested in taking over the enforcement of the land scaping ordinance for new home building.  After discussion it was decided that further discussion was necessary.


Paula Renzi-Callahan asked that the City form an Architectual Review Board.  Catherine Alexander informed the council that she has a CD Rom from Navarre Florida which contains that city’s Architectual reguirements.


Council Member Cost mentioned that the Street Department had been busy helping in the parks.  They have helped move exercise equipment, placed bark in both parks, and had helped set up the Christmas lights in the park.


Council Member Pendleton stated that the bills were in order except for a correction that was noted by the accounting department on the report to council. 


Council Member Cox made a motion to amend the Business Licensee Fees, as recommended by the Revenue Officer and Finance Chairman.  Council Member Byrd seconded.  Council Member Byrd made a motion to suspend the rules in order for the changes to take effect January 1, 2006.  Council Member Cost seconded the motion.  All Ayes motion to suspend the rules passed.  Motion to approve the change in the Business License Fees, All Ayes Motion Passed.


Council Member Pendleton mentioned an inspection of the fuel tanks by ADEM.  The city is looking into other options regarding its fuel consumption and storage.  This was information only and required no action.


Council Member Byrd made a motion to adjourn.  Council Member Goldsmith seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.




Sharon Anderson, Mayor                                             Carey Thompson, City Clerk