Notes from the Dec. 12th City Council Meeting

The City Council met at 7:00 pm before an overflow crowd of about 70 people Monday night, December 12th. After the approval of the previous minutes as amended, the crowd was allowed to address the council. Several people spoke about the desire to extend the moratorium, which expires on December 20th, for another 120 days, and Dee Woodham delivered 392 petitions calling for such an extension and other actions to the mayor and the council.

Business proceeded as usual, with the summary of the Work Session being read aloud. Contained in the summary were accounts of the reports of the various city committees and boards.

After the summary, Becky Cox-Rodgers made a motion that the moratorium be extended for another 120 days. Hollie Cost seconded the motion and a brief discussion ensued. Mayor Anderson stated that she thought the purposes of the moratorium had been achieved, as studies were underway. Several members of the audience argued that such studies should be completed before the moratorium is lifted, and that the sizeable citizen input presented should be addressed. Mayor Anderson said that the petitions would be taken into account, and that the council would continue to be receptive to input. Greg Pendleton requested that the entire resolution be read aloud. Afterwards, Becky Cox-Rodgers said she certainly felt that she and the other members of the Zoning Board were not yet "enlightened," as called for by the resolution. Council members and audience members alike pointed out that the studies are far from complete and that there had been no input from the citizens of Montevallo solicited by the council. Mayor Anderson repeatedly focused on the word "allow" in the resolution, claiming that this meant there was no need to complete any of the goals of the resolution before letting the resolution expire.

Council members Goldsmith and Byrd offered no comments or opinions to explain their subsequent votes. Mayor Anderson called for a vote, and the motion failed in a 3 to 3 tie, with Cost, Cox-Rodgers and Pendleton voting for and Anderson, Byrd and Goldsmith voting against the motion.

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