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Providence developer to address board

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

News staff writer

Although Sue Wilder White's proposed Providence development is not on the Montevallo Planning and Zoning Board's Thursday agenda, White is slated to address the board.

Montevallo Zoning Official Catherine Legg said White wants to discuss what she needs to do when she does present her development for the board's consideration. Providence is the largest subdivision ever proposed in Montevallo, with about 800 houses on 340 acres of Wilderwood Farm on Spring Creek Road.

White asked last week to be placed on Thursday's agenda. Providence has been pending since just before the City Council placed a four-month moratorium on new development approvals Aug. 22.

Legg said Providence will not have to be advertised again to be placed on a zoning board agenda, "although we will send out notices again to everyone who owns property within 200 feet."

Perhaps by the time the development faces zoning board scrutiny the panel will be at full strength. Two vacancies created by the resignations of Wayne Davis and Chris Fulmer are to be filled by the City Council, but Becky Cox-Rodgers, who serves on both the council and the zoning board, has urged the latter panel to forward its recommendations to the City Council.

The zoning board may make those recommendations Thursday, members said.

During a work session last week, the board received resumes for two potential members and were promised resumes for two more.

Councilman Greg Pendleton presented Charles W. Turner's resume, and Councilwoman Hollie Cost provided one for Jill Wicknick, an assistant professor of biology at the University of Montevallo. Turner, a retired naval aviator, had second careers in law enforcement and city planning.

Cox-Rodgers nominated lawyer Barry Woodham and promised that the zoning board would receive his resume before Thursday's meeting. Woodham is a leader among Montevallo residents who have expressed concerns about the city's rapid growth.

Zoning Board member Donny Norris recommended Brad Davis, who is Wayne Davis' son. The elder Davis resigned because of illness, Norris said.

The Montevallo Planning and Zoning Board meets at 7 p.m. Thursday in Montevallo City Hall.

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