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Community News

The following are articles from the Birmingham News and the Shelby County Reporter.

City works to correct problems after audit

Poll of residents used to help Montevallo plan for growth

    Montevallo's series of community planning sessions has resulted in a list of strengths and weaknesses, plus a set of recommendations to meet the challenge of growth.

Montevallo planning coordinator resigns at meeting

Montevallo residents express vision for future

Controlled Growth:  A Necessity

    Editorial from the Shelby County Reporter about growth in Montevallo

Providence developer to address board

Although Sue Wilder White's proposed Providence development is not on the Montevallo Planning and Zoning Board's Thursday agenda, White is slated to address the board.

Litmus test pushed for zoning candidates

   A developer and long-time associate of Montevallo Mayor Sharon Anderson doesn't want anyone appointed to Montevallo's zoning board who has expressly opposed the developer's proposed project in the city.

Hoover lawyer surprised at wait to repeal car law

Montevallo again Monday night repealed its version of the Safe Streets Act under which the city seized the car of a man caught driving without a license.

Montevallo Council fires city police sergeant.

Suspended Montevallo Police Sgt. Hardy Cook was fired Wednesday in a unanimous vote of the Montevallo City Council.

Shelby legislators to push for ADEM permit changes

State Sen. Hank Erwin, R-Montevallo, said he has appealed ADEM's award of water and air discharge permits to a planned limestone quarry near Alabaster while working with other legislators to change the law that allowed those permits to be issued.

Contract change could have violated state law. 

The Montevallo City Council canceled a $270,000 change to a sewer line contract Thursday after the city's engineer said the council may have violated state law.   

ADEM issues Quarry Permits

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management issued air and water permits Monday that will allow a company to open a limestone quarry just outside Alabaster.