Notes from the Planning and Zoning Board meeting Dec 15, 2005

Public Hearing 1:  The consideration of the request by Tommie Mitchell for the rezoning of her parcel on the Northeast corner of Hicks and Doster Streets off of Highway 25 from residential zoning to highway commercial.  The request was denied due to concerns voiced by local residents and the effect of increased traffic off of Highway 25.

Public Hearing 2:  The consideration of an amendment to the zoning ordinance to increase to 1100 square feet the definition of a single family dwelling.  The amendment was approved.

Public Hearing 3:  The consideration of an amendment to the zoning ordinance for additional landscaping requirements for commercial building.  Continued to January 19, 2006.

At the beginning of the meeting, Chris Fulmer read Wayne Davis's resignation from the Planning and Zoning Board.  The board will discuss making a recommendation to City Council for a replacement at their next work session on January 12th.  Sue Wilder-White asked to be heard on this issue and she addressed the board at the end of the meeting.  She read from a petition that had been circulated by local citizens in September stating objections to the 660-house Providence subdivision she had proposed.  Mrs. White requested that the board exclude anyone that had signed the petition from taking a seat on the Planning and Zoning Board since she felt that they had already made up their minds about her development before it was formally presented to the Planning and Zoning Board.   This petition was never formally entered into the record of the Planning and Zoning Board meeting in September since Mrs. White withdrew her proposal  because it did not conform to zoning requirements on minimum lot sizes.   Mrs. White also requested that her objection to the nomination of anyone who signed the petition to the Planning and Zoning Board be presented to City Council.  Mayor Anderson assured her that her objection would be heard by the entire council.  Mrs. White will be presenting new plans to the city next month and hopes to resubmit her proposal for the Providence development at the Jan 19th meeting.

Gay McAnally gave a wonderful presentation to the Planning Board reiterating our concerns about rapid growth and the lack of comprehensive planning.  She showed this picture of the new sub-development- Hidden Lake to demonstrate how developers have been using a rape and scrape approach in Montevallo rather than trying to preserve our area's natural beauty and resources.


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