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On Monday, January 9th, the City Council of Montevallo will have its regularly scheduled monthly meeting at City Hall at 7:00pm.  Nothing unusual there.  What is unusual is that the council is entertaining a proposal from Sue Wilder to bar anyone who signed a petition objecting to her initial development proposal of over 800 houses from serving on the Planning and Zoning Board.  The petition objected to her development in part because the development violated current zoning laws regarding lot sizes.  Ms. Wilder withdrew her proposal and plans on submitting a new proposal at the Jan 19th meeting which conforms to zoning requirements.  To assume that all people who signed the petition are irrational and incapable of sound judgment is just insulting.  Having signed that petition shows no prejudice against any future proposed development which complies with the laws. 

Her proposal is tantamount to stacking the Planning and Zoning Board with people who will vote the way Ms. Wilder wants them to.  It certainly discredits opposing opinion, and it is a form of blacklisting.  With two vacancies on the Board, it is important to get good people who will take the job seriously in the positions that come open.  To rule out people who care enough to do some research and thinking about what’s best for Montevallo seems contrary to the practice of good government,

 If this proposal passes, I propose that we also rule out those who did not sign, on the grounds that they did not care enough to get involved

Michael Patton