TO: The Mayor and City Council of the City of Montevallo

The Montevallo Planning and Zoning Board

I hereby PETITION the Montevallo City Council to cause to be completed a written development plan for the City of Montevallo which, at a minimum, specifically addresses:

1) The planned growth rate for the City over the next 20 years in 5 year increments;

2) A proposed budget for each time increment with detailed analysis of the costs of services and infrastructure required to serve the anticipated population, including but not limited to water and sewer service, expansion of sewage treatment facility, provision for police and fire service, road maintenance, insurance, city hall facilities, court services, garbage services, schools, and parks;

3) Detailed plans for how the costs of such services and infrastructure will be funded including full disclosure of anticipated additional costs to current residents for city services and, if debt or bond financing will be used to fund such services and infrastructure, how such debt will be repaid;

4) Details of anticipated additional revenue associated with the proposed population growth from impact fees, increased sales & property taxes, usage fees, court fees, water & sewer fees, and license fees;

5) To the extent increased sales taxes from new businesses are anticipated to offset the cost of providing the services and infrastructure, a detailed explanation of where such business development is anticipated and what steps have been/will be taken to encourage that business development;

6) Detailed explanation of how zoning and neighborhood covenants will be used to ensure residential development is consistent with the long-established look and character of the City, including detailed plans for the environmental protection of our area watershed and creeks, and limitations of impervious surfaces in residential developments with established ratios for each class of residential development.

I further PETITION that the above-referenced plan, in its entirety, be provided to the public for consideration and discussion and that a public hearing be held to allow citizens to have input before the proposed plan is approved and implemented by the City.

Until such time as the written development plan is completed and disseminated to the public, and until such time as one or more public hearings are held for public input on the proposed development plan, and until such time as a proposed plan is approved by the City Council in light of the input of citizens, I request the following:

That the Montevallo Planning and Zoning Board recommend NO rezoning for which the conceptual plan submitted contemplates residential construction of more than three homes;

That the Montevallo City Council approve NO rezoning request for which the conceptual plan contemplates residential construction of more than three homes;

That neither body recommend or approve any rezoning request for which a conceptual plan has not been submitted.

That the Montevallo Planning and Zoning Board approve NO further plats for residential construction of more than three homes until the actions requested in this Petition have been completed.

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