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Montevallo planning coordinator resigns at meeting

By FRED GUARINO / Staff Writer

(Updated: Tuesday, April 25, 2006 2:47 PM CDT)

The Montevallo City Council received the resignation of Planning Coordinator Catherine Legg Monday night and called for another public hearing on two planning and zoning related actions.

Montevallo Police Chief Kevin Peters informed the council of his department’s agreement with A Child Is Missing organization.

And, while the council took no action on a public speaking policy, it did take a step toward allowing alcohol to be served at functions at the new Parnell Memorial Library building during non-operating hours

In pre council Mayor Sharon Anderson announced the resignation of Legg effective Aug. 1 or sooner if a replacement can be found.

Legg, who has been with the city for six years and who served as planning coordinator for the last three years, declined comment. In her letter of resignation to Anderson, Legg wrote, “Please accept my resignation effective on or before Aug. 1, 2006. My years of employment with the city have been most enjoyable and satisfying. I appreciate your efforts to lead this city through the inevitable and difficult period of growth. I will continue to support your very fine leadership.”

A new public hearing was scheduled by the council for May 22 concerning a Planning and Zoning Board recommendation that a parcel belonging to Cobblestone Cove LTD and parcels belonging to William M. Dinsmore-Trustee- all located at Cobblestone Lane and Highway 119 be rezoned from R-2 (residential) to D-2 (Development Conventional).

It was pointed out that a clarification was needed as to whether the change would be to D-2 Performance or D-2 Conventional as the designation listed for Monday night’s public hearing stated simply D-2.

Legg explained a conventional development is a less dense zoning without a commercial element. It allows apartments but only four units per acre.

She noted that performance development allows up to five units per acre. It also allows limited commercial development, according to Legg.

A representative of Dinsmore said he had planned to build units for senior citizens, but that would not be financial feasible with the conventional zoning.

Councilmember Becky Cox Rodgers said, however, when the Planning and Zoning Board refers to a D-2 zoning, it is considered “conventional.”

Chief Peters announced that whenever a child is missing the Montevallo Police Department would contact the “A Child Is Missing” organization. He said the group would put out an area wide phone call to all publicly listed telephones.

Peters stressed the action is “not to replace” the Amber Alert but to augment it. He said Amber is for a child in danger, but this program is for a child who is missing.

The council once again took no action on a public speaking policy. Councilmember Greg Pendleton said all the “ducks” were not in a row.

Councilmember Rogers introduced an ordinance that would allow spirits of 14 percent or less of alcohol to be served but not sold or removed in open containers from duly authorized and sponsored functions at the new Parnell Memorial Library building during hours the library is not open.