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Remarks at City Council meeting January 9, 2006—Libbie Rodgers




Madam Mayor, in your column in the January “Chamber Chatter,” I noticed this statement: “We have historically been a city with a plan.”


I’m wondering:

1.      You’ve told us that the City had only a verbal agreement with the developers to provide sewer service to Hidden Forest. Was this verbal agreement in your plan?


2.      In this verbal agreement, the City committed to providing sewer service without knowing or disclosing the cost. Was this in your plan?


3.      Over a month ago you called a special meeting to approve a no-bid contract for more than $400,000 for the Hidden Forest sewer project. Was this part of your plan?


4.      A month later, you called another special meeting of the Council to rescind the previous vote and to vote this time to get bids on the sewer work. Was this in your plan?


5.      Until the City completes the Highway119 sewer project, the City will have to pay several hundred dollars a week to have the sewage from Hidden Forest homes pumped from a manhole and hauled away in a truck. Was this in your plan?


6.      The sewer line to the Aldrich community has never been completed, leaving some of the residents without sewer service even though they were promised it when they were annexed into Montevallo. Despite this fact, the City is running a sewer line to the intersection of Highway 119 and 24. The cost of this part of the project will not be known until the bids are opened. Was this in your plan?


Libbie Rodgers